We are all about identity

We are all about identity


It is all about identity. Massada goes full way into subconsciousness. Enjoyment of life. Expression of joy. Elaborations on intellectual escapades. Ingenuousness of visual self presentation and thoughtful life reminiscences achieving haute couture extravagance. Total submersion in journey towards understanding. Commitment to filter reality and human existence. Personal gain from culture, content, thought, picture, dialogue, idealism and reflection.

Massada Art and Fashion project led by chief designer Kate Lupinsky, raised in South Africa living in Europe, derives passion from deep curiosity and consideration for the world.

Hollywood movie director, Italian manufacturer. People of art, film, finance, creative industries, intellectuals, celebrities are among our clients. Those who express and seek. Multidisciplinary approach; visual, intellectual, is focused on man 

Fundamentals of ideology are laid on extensive knowledgeable travel, imagination, solid education, planet cultural heritage and ferment, endless search for answers to the questions being asked by us every day.